Markdown Files

.md file is known as a Markdown file. It's a file that simply converts a simple text to an HTML file.

Some basic syntax :


# Heading 1   => <h1> </h1>
## Heading 2 => <h2></h2>
###### Heading 6 => <h6></h6>

// # heading 1 - Correct 
// #heading 1 - Incorrect


Unorder List
- First Item or * First Item or + First Item

Ordered List 
1. First Item 
1. Second Item

=> (Equivalent To)

1. First Item
2. Second Item

Code: The box is similar to the above one, 3 backticks(`) in the start and 3 at the end.


** Bold **
__ Bold __



Italic and Bold:


Horizontal Line:

*** or ---



Markdown can be used for everything. Markdown is platform-independent. People use it to create websites, documents, notes, books, presentations, email messages, and technical documentation. This was the basic syntax that was required for you to know and to write in the .md file. Now you are good to go.