Basic Terms Before Starting Programming

Let's walk through some of the terms used widely in a programming language :

Object - It's used to store different values in the form of key and value pairs.

// Syntax 

var obj ={
key : value

// If a box has different colors of balls, their number will be represented in the form of an object as follows :

var listOfBalls ={
green : 22,
red : 10

Comment - It is similar to the person who exists but not for you. Similarly, a comment is something that is written but the programming language doesn't consider it. You can comment in the following ways :

// This is a comment.

/* This is one another comment. */

Variable - Do you have a name? Of course, everybody has one. What is its use? It is used to specifically call you. Right? Similarly, anything that possesses data is given a name so that whenever it's required, it can be called/used via its name. It's always written on the right-hand side.

var number = 1; //number is a variable.
var name  = "CLI App" //var is used in JS

Function - If I compare it with one of the daily life objects i.e Washing Machine, i.e new clothes are sent inside it, but it performs the same operation of cleaning them. Here,

  1. Input is dirty clothes
  2. Processing is what happens inside the machine
  3. Output is clean clothes

In a programming language, a function is similar to the washing machine, in which new data is sent, but the same operation is performed, no matter what. Here,

  1. Input - Data sent
  2. Processing - Operation Performed
  3. Output - The data received after operation sumNumbers is the Function Name.

number1 and number2 are parameters. There can be n number of parameters.

62, 89 are the arguments that are passed to the function.

function sumNumbers(number1, number2)
   var sum = number 1 + number 2;

var result = sumNumbers(62,89);

Array - It is to store some things together. The first element is at position '0'.

var colorArray = ["Red", "Black","Blue"];
//to access the values of the array
colorArray[0] = Red;
colorArray[1] = Black;
colorArray[2] = Blue;

For Loop - It's similar to getting up daily on every single day of your life until the last day of your life. That is you are doing the same thing in a loop. If I had to write this in the format of a code, it would have been as :

for(var i = The day you were born ; i<=day you will die;i=i+1)
//getting up

Which is equivalent to :

for(var i = 1; i<=n;i=i+1)
//perform a specific operation

Conditional Statements - It's similar to thinking of all the cases that are to be handled if we go late at home. If mom will ask xyz then I will say abc else I will say deb. In code , it will be written as :

var num = 0;
console.log("Number is 0");
console.log("Number is not 0");
var num = 5;
console.log("Number is positive");
else if(num<0)
console.log("Number is negative");
console.log("Number is 0");


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